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Jason spoke about how the Democratic Party should move forward at the 2017 DNC Winter meeting in Atlanta.

Jason Kander Let America Vote

Let America Vote

Jason has started an organization, Let America Vote, to organize activists and protect access to the polls.

Raising awareness, answering questions, and taking action


MANCHESTER, N.H.—Jason Kander was wearing a mic pack here as he wandered around the Puritan Backroom, chatting with local activists and politicians at the Manchester Democratic Club chicken dinner.

These can feel like dark days for the Democratic Party: With Donald Trump in the White House, and Republicans controlling Congress, the progressive agenda is fully under attack. (In the span of its first week alone, the new administration has taken action to undercut the Affordable Care Act, women’s reproductive rights, climate change, and U.S. […]

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    • I'm unfamiliar with the economic theory that says tax cuts for billionaires trickle down to working people in the form of health insurance.
    • Yes and in addition to moving the $ away from people and to insurance company profits, the bill rewards those compa…
    • The only thing the #MuslimBan does for our national security is weaken it.
    • Read. Its worth your time.
    • "The challenge for all of us is learning how to love our neighbors even when they don't love us."
    • Joining @KateBolduan on @CNN in a few minutes.
    • Let's not lose sight of the fact that President Trump's #MuslimBan is a massive boost to ISIS recruiting. He's playing into their hands.
    • .@accessdemocracy doing important work. Worth a follow.